As a composer,

I've written for a lot of different instrumental combinations. Most of my music involves the bassoon and/or other woodwinds, and that is primarily because as a performer, I like to be able to play the music that I write (often with my musician friends). For some reason, I often also find myself writing for tuba and euphonium. My current fixations are: a second chamber symphony (mixed ensemble), two new euphonium pieces, a second bassoon concerto that is already very different from my first bassoon concerto (2012), and hopefully sometime finishing my concerto for clarinet and strings.

My goal,

is to put some score images and recordings on this site. However, that will need to happen between concerts and daily practicing, which of course take precedence! For now, I'm going to link to some of my published pieces below. I'm very excited about the publication of my new duo Little Suite or bassoon and bass clarinet (also available for 2 bassoons).

Published Pieces with Potenza Music

Published Pieces with