Here are some useful links to some of my musician friends' pages, interesting bassoon things, and other stuff!

Some of my friends:
Michael Harley (bassoonist):
Shannon Lowe (bassoonist):
Dan Wolfe (bassoonist):
Matt Ross (flutist):
Barbara Harbach (composer):
David Von Kampen (composer):

Some resources for bassoonists:
TrevCo-Varner Music (Sheet Music):
Potenza Music (Sheet Music, publisher of many of my works!):
Midwest Musical Imports (Bassoon Supplies and Instruments):
Forrests Music: (Bassoon Supplies and Instruments):
Orchestral Bassoon (Excerpts):
Music and the Bassoon (Beginning Bassoon Resources from Univ. of Texas - Austin):

Other Links: (Euphonium Site):
I've made friends with a lot of tuba and euphonium players over the years. They're pretty cool musicians!